About Us

          First of all, Welcome and thank you for stopping in to look at my store. I started this adventure in late 2012 when I started making soap as a hobby. As I started developing my hobby further, I began doing lots of market & product research and what I discovered was truly frightening. The soaps and beauty bars that we purchase at our local grocery store are full of chemicals, detergents and preservatives.  I couldn't believe what I was reading.  As I continued, I realized that what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body.  In other words, my whole life I have been unknowingly poisoning myself with these chemicals.  Mother's who use these soaps on their babies, nurses who use these soaps on patients, it made me sad.  After that, I decided I wanted to turn my hobby into a business.  I wanted to offer people a skin care product that is not harmful and does not contain any chemicals or detergents.  I wanted to offer a product that made skin soft and silky...naturally.  Over the next several months, I continued on perfecting my recipes by using pure Olive, Palm & Coconut oils which are staples in all my soaps, and Voila! Heart and Home Soaps was born! I now want to offer these handmade artisan soaps to you.  Enjoy!

With Love,

Heart & Home Soaps-Feel the Difference